a fresh start

today is a new day. more privacy from the outside world so i can continue to share my life. the short version of the emotional tale is someone was copying my blog content and posting it as their own. pictures, stories, struggles. my life was theirs. i can understand how someone can do this. low self confidence and low self worth come to mind. it is so very sad really. don’t get me wrong, i was so angry but now i just feel sorry for that person. their site has been removed and i have learned an invaluable lesson. one where authenticity must be a primary goal for all of us. you don’t have to like my views, opinions, humor, looks, etc. but i am being me. it is the only person i know how to be.

i am moving on and letting this go. i have higher privacy settings set to prevent this happening again. i am going to continue doing what i love and being who i am. i hope you all will follow.