do you feel the burn? doesn’t it feel great?!

no. well, secretly yes. but, no. i am so very sore this morning. last night i didn’t sleep well, every move woke me up. it is all good. this will probably be the hardest week (at least that is what i am telling myself). this body of mine is so very comfortable doing the minimum. i am pushing it to get out of its comfort zone and boy it is resisting.

last night was my first training with maggie. my favorite part of the workout was feeling like i had accomplished something when i was done. the funniest part was after the “warm up” i felt like saying .. okay great, see you on wednesday. i worked muscles that have long been hidden. i woke them up i guess i could say. maggie said this will become addicting. i am not there yet. but i did have a lot of fun and haven’t yet thought of quitting. i say all and all that is a huge success.

i even got showed the husband last night the ab exercise that made my entire body shake and burn. we both did three sets of 10 seconds each. i am going to try to bump up to 15 seconds tonight. a little competition is healthy.

onward … i have 45 mins of cardio to do today. and more painting.