new gluten free goodness

omg. i can only imagine what people are thinking that have had celiac disease for years and years are thinking because i am completely overjoyed that a main stream brand, general mills, is recognizing those people with this disease.

that is right. i was able to go to the cereal isle of a target and find a gluten free option. by june 1st they will have removed the “barley malt extract” and replaced with brown sugar extract in the corn, cinnamon, chocolate, and strawberry chex. as you can see i was lucky to get an early box of the honey nut. so good. so crunchy. so pre-celiac normal. yum! if you have a friend with celiac go out and buy them a box. you will be friend of the year.


Hey I found that hormel natural meats (in brown packaging) at Super Target are gluten-free too. Pepperoni, lunch meats, etc. They are yummy. Also noticed Hellmann's mayo and some Utz potato chip products are now labeled GF. I'll have to try the honey nut chex, been eating the rice ones.