today is the day

some of you know, many do not. i have gone back and forth about sharing in this format but since i have moved to private, i feel more comfortable doing so. as a graduation present to myself, from myself and my tremendously supportive husband, i have decided to begin working out with a personal trainer. ahhh i can’t believe i am actually doing this! i feel accountability is going to be key for me to be successful. well, you all can hold me accountable. along with maggie, who trust me will hold me accountable. she is that perfect blend of we have fun together and genuinely like each other with i am a bit scared of her. we are starting today. i am nervous. excited. scared. grateful. did i mention nervous. i know, i know this is the first day. it will get better and harder. (insert thats what she said) we are starting with three days a week until she/i feel comfortable moving to two and then eventually one. so that is today. wish me luck.

on another note, i am begining paint week(s) here at the house. the colors have been chosen for my craft/art room and the husband’s office. we are excited. i have never tackled such a big project on my own but am confident in my abilities, and if not, i can fake it. it will look great and i can’t wait to share before and after pictures.


Kelsi - congratulations on starting to paint. I know you are excited to put your own touches on your new home. I can't wait to see the 'after' results.