triple coupon time

triple coupon time has come and i was so very excited to have the afternoon to prepare. can i just say one of the perks of moving out into the country is that the grocery store is not packed. even on triple coupon days. i took my time. sorted coupons. dropped potatoes and someone helped me pick them up. i love it out here.

we are having my brother and his wife and our good friend david and his girlfriend over this weekend for some fajitas. it seemed like everything needed was on sale which made my little heart jump for joy. all bell peppers, fresh cilantro, sour cream, tomatoes. we are stocked up and ready for some early cinco de mayo fun!

today here were the biggest savings:

wrigley’s 15ct gum – original 1.19 today free

dial basics bar soap 3ct – original 1.39 today free

mccormick grinder spice – original 2.79 today free

daisy sour cream – original 1.45 today free

grande tortilla chips – original 3.49 today free

windex glass cleaner – original 2.79 today free

ortega refried beans (buy 2) – original 2.79 today 2 cans free

dole canned pineapple – original .99 today .07

lipton tea bags – original 2.79 today .44

taco seasoning – original 1.09 today .17

if you have not jumped on this grocery game bandwagon you really should. just last week the total before all my savings was 223 dollars and i paid 120 dollars out of pocket. today the total was 141 dollars and i paid 68 dollars. we are stocked up and ready for the swine flu to keep us at home for a couple of weeks.