darn you sciatica … and a grocery game update

well my back pain is sciatica. it sucks. it hurts. but it is getting better. i am resting and icing and stretching. my motivation is definitely back to where it needs to be … thanks to more relaxed hormones i presume. it is not like i was laying around eating bon-bons but i just didn’t feel like my new and improved self.

this week has been much better and i am really looking forward to spending the weekend with my dear husband. no dinner guests (although we love you all). just me and him. it will be so very lovely. oh and more icing and stretching of my back.

moving on to my tremendously exciting grocery game update. harris teeter is having their super double coupon event. this is where harris teeter doubles all coupons up to $1.98 … meaning my $1.50 coupons are $3 off for the product. that is huge savings! this is my first super double event since joining the grocery game. oh man oh man. my mom came up for a visit this morning and i got her in on the action. so the two of us headed into the store with 40 coupons, 20 per each VIC card and we hit each aisle.

total $170.48
total coupons used $130.65
total spent out of pocket $39.83

seriously people. i have the reciepts. i may frame them. i am not great with math so i don’t know the precentage of savings but i do know it is high.

my best deals were the following because they were all FREE:
Excedrin Pain Reliever – Original Price $4.85
Colgate Toothpaste – Original Price $3.99
Pert Plus – Original Price $3.27
Temptation Cat Treats – Original Price $2.29
Degree Deodorant – Original Price $4.49
Old Spice Deodorant – Original Price $3.77
Rolaids – Original Price $1.99
Ricola Cough Drops – Original Price $1.75
Hot Shot Insect Spray – Original Price $3.99
Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats – Original Price $3.65
Bumble-Bee Premium Tuna Pouch – Original Price $1.99
Minute Ready Rice – Original Price $2.29

Runner Up good deals:
Colgate Toothbrush – Original Price $3.99 – Paid .50
Garnier Fructis Shampoo – Original Price $3.95 – Paid .50
Garnier Fructis Styling Product – Original Price $3.95 – Paid .50
Kraft Salad Dressing – Original Price $2.90 – Paid .50
Dove Deodorant – Original Price $3.59 – Paid .59
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Original Price $3.19 – Paid .60
Cheerios Snack Mix – Original Price $3.19 – Paid .60
Bayer Asprin – Original Price $7.59 – Paid $1.80
Alka Seltzer Nigh – Original Price $6.25 – Paid $1.64

i could go on and on. seriously people jump on this wagon. plus i would love the referrals. leave a comment if you want more information and i will send over my email for a referral. the new policy is 4 weeks for free. for free. i love free.