father’s day celebrations

i can’t believe it has been over a week since i last blogged. i guess last week i was in a funk, that would probably be the best word to describe it. emotional, hormonal, funk. but this is a new week and we are coming off of a wonderful weekend spend celebrating our father’s. saturday evening was my dad and sunday afternoon was spent with the father in law. both days we grilled out, played games, and just enjoyed each other.

i meant to get pictures. i even had my camera sitting out and charged. but alas, i got two pictures. both during prep of the events.

pittsboro farmer grown tomatoes, homemade gluten-free cherry (hand pitted) cobbler, coleslaw, burgers, baked beans, chips and spinach dip. yum-yum! it was a good sign that there was hardly any leftovers.

happy father’s day to our dads to all the other dads out there!