we are so excited to have space (and motivation) to start our very first garden. it may not produce anything, we got a late start, but it has been fun to try. sprouts are everywhere are we are super excited about the potential.

here is the start of our herb garden.

we decided to grow catnip too. milo has already appreciated the couple of pots we have scattered around the house.

cilantro, basil, chives

we are square-foot gardening this year. please excuse the fence in progress, it is next on our list to complete. in this box we have 2 tomato plants, 1 cantaloupe, 1 watermelon, 4 bean boxes, 3 pepper boxes, 2 onion boxes, and 3 potato boxes.

we have 3 total square foot boxes. in the following we have corn, more tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, more onions, more potatoes, etc. waiting to be planted are 2 blackberry bushes, a grape bush or vine?, and 2 blueberry bushes.

when we were planning we joked and said we will either have nothing or too much. here is to hoping we have too much! i have already found recipe after recipe of canning goodness!