guest room/husband’s office

this is what i have been up too post graduation. PAINTING! i took on painting two rooms and have finished putting paint on the walls of both with just my craft room needing trim. i have finished the husband’s office/guest bedroom and couldn’t be more happy with it.

here are a few before pics.

the room was a “lovely” shade of grey sponge painted with a darker grey trim.

it is such a great feeling to actually see the color on the wall, after all the prepping and priming. at this point we were a bit nervous. that is very, very red.

finished with the red AND the trim! man i do not like trim painting. this is the husband’s side of the room.

the whole family is there to witness moving in the office furniture!

sam, always the good helper.

bedroom side of the room. seriously, this is a huge room. waiting for the bed and curtain ties and then the room will be complete!