handmade pasta, gluten-free style

i have absolutely been loving making homemade bread lately. so i decided to branch out into the pasta world. this was incredibly easy and cost practically nothing, especially compared to how much gluten free packaged pasta costs.

the ratio was one cup of flour per 2 eggs. this will serve two. i realized this after i made too much.

so here ya go … after several minutes of kneading i rolled it out.

i knew it was going to plump up when cooking so i tried to make it as flat as i could. then i used a pizza cutter to cut the strips.

waiting patiently in the pot for the husband to come home.

this is the pasta in salted water. salt is very important! once the water started to boil the noodles plumped up and were ready to drain in maybe 2 minutes … super fast!

i also made a fresh loaf of my rosemary (from our garden) bread. i tried a different shape this time and thought it turned out beautifully.

to serve with the pasta, i made a sun-dried tomato pesto. i diluted it with water to make a sauce.
sam was very interested in everything going on in the kitchen.

finished product. some basil feta cheese on top. serious yum! i asked the husband if the noodles were worth the extra work and he replied, definitely yes.