random favorite things

i love our new house. i love our new community. i love nature. well, i am starting to try to appreciate nature. that is pretty much the same thing, right?!

a picture of the sun and the trees from the backyard this morning.

ahhh craigslist, how i love you. ladder bookshelves in our living room that match pretty darn close to a pantry cabinet i stained several years ago.

oh sam and milo. evidence that not only to they get along but sam shares.

in my head here is what they are thinking …
sam: hey what are you doing? that is my water bowl.
milo: huh, what? i don’t see anyone.

i am training 3 times this week. i think we are going to measure today so i will hopefully have great numbers to report. off to more trim painting!! i can’t wait to finish my craft room. i seriously can … not … wait!