training update

as i mentioned in my previous post last week i was in a super funk. i did continue to workout 2 times with maggie but other than that i did absolutely nothing. bad bad me! looking back i see it was mostly crazy hormones, or lack of the hormones my body had become used to, either way i had lost my motivation to do anything.

this week is a new week. i am back to doing what i am suppose to do. i am back to being outside and walking with sam. i have even found a 5k race i am going to sign up for with maggie. i watched the “spirit of the marathon” on netflix, a documentary about marathon racing. i am in no way training for a marathon but it was just what i needed to find my motivation and keep moving. i am working out with maggie 4 times and am so sore. all making me feel great.

a slight injury, well not sure if it is an injury, is making me hurt a bit more this week. my lower left side of my back is absolutely killing me. we have pin pointed exactly where i am tight and hopefully with additional stretching (thanks maggie) i will be back to not hurting.

next week is weigh and measurements so hopefully that will be encouraging.