vacation ideas

okay people i need your help. the husband and i are in need of a vacation. we thought about having a “stay-cation” in our new home. here is the problem … we want to get so much done that we would work the entire time. the husband needs a break and i need my husband stress-free. and i would like a pool.

so here are some ideas:
- san diego, ca (i have never been to ca and really would love to go, the husband has never been to san diego)
- nyc (i love nyc, the husband has never been)
- providence, ri (i love everything northeast and we have never been)
- niagara falls, ny (travelocity recommended based on my search for a romantic vaca)
- chicago, il (my trip last summer was a blast, i have wonderful girlfriends that i would love to visit, and the husband has never been)
- vail, co (summer in skiing resorts = lots of great deals)
- charlotte, nc (i have never really been, husband went to undergrad near so would love to visit his old stomping ground, and they have an ikea, oh and since driving we could stay at a really nice hotel with a fun pool)
- charleston, sc (i absolutely love charleston and one of our first vacations together was to charleston)
- isle of palms, sc (near charleston but on the ocean)

things i want to accomplish on this vacation:
- adventure (whether it be in a city or on a beach)
- swimming in a pool
- lots of relaxing (i.e. catching up on sleep for the husband)

our third anniversary is coming up and there is just such a need to celebrate. this last year has brought us together on a level i didn’t know existed. the only way we have gotten through it all is by being each others best friend. we are connected like never before and without sounding too cheesy, each year gets better and better. so it is time to celebrate.

where would you go if you could go anywhere? the only restrictions are the husband doesn’t have a passport and i have to be able to get a great deal.


chicago!!!!!!!!!!! we miss you!!!!or san diego was one of the coolest places i have ever visited..vail is also an amazing place to visit i went over nye and loved it..providence is so cool cause of the history..i went in high school.. i wish i could go now that i am older to appreciate it more!


My pick -- San Diego.A great mix of adventure and relaxation. Mexican food in Old Towne is to die for! I always went there for work only, but found I could relax by walking in any direction - to restaurants, to the water front, around old Towne. Great public transit. Excellent weather.New York can be hard to deal with in summer. I remember the subway being so hot it took my breath away when I went down the stairs. But still lots of fun.Careful of Providence in the summer, took my parents there and it was super duper hot because the buildings blocked all the wind. Thought my mom was going to pass out. But you can take a nice ferry ride from there to Newport, RI and sit on the beach! My addition - Maine coast (if you haven't been there). Nice and cool, lots of relaxation and adventure.