(don’t tell the husband)

okay i am probably going to get in trouble for this. i love the deer that live on our property. i love them. there i said it. i can’t take it back now. i cannot confirm nor reject the notion that somewhere in this home of ours is a bag of deer food that i take outside and try to feed the deer by hand. i am keeping that a secret. everyone has secrets.

so today i am in my craft room painting trim. it is horrible. there i was feeling frustrated with life when i looked out the window to see this …

i quickly grabbed the camera and slowly went outside to get a picture. i mean have you ever seen anything so beautiful. i know i am hormonal and weep at the even slight mention of motherhood, babies, diapers, etc. but this just took my breath away. for a moment today i forgot my own pains of my current reality and just absorbed the beauty.

i have named many of the deer. there are three that mostly live in the front of the neighborhood but do venture our way. i have become most friendly with these three and have named them. the mother is Margot, named after our homeowner association treasurer. after meeting her and many of our neighbors the husband and i decided she pretty much was the “mother” of our neighborhood. Margot’s two little ones are John and Jane. John is adorable with his little “nubs” that are growing to be antlers. Jane is just beautiful with a few spots left. their last name is doe. i know, i am pretty clever. up until today Margot, John and Jane Doe were my only frequent visitors. i am crossing my fingers that the pair today come again.

any ideas for names?

(oh and is it weird that labeled this post under pets?) i am pretty sure the husband will have something to say about that!


I love deer too. What an adorable photo!