first harvest and a solo trip planned

officially there were 3 blackberries but only this 1 survived for pictures. the other 2 were a bit tart but so yummy!

using the term harvest is a bit of a stretch, but these are the first. i am going to use the green beans in a chicken pot pie for dinner tonight.

in other news, i am just confirmed my trip to tennessee next week. here are some pictures of our last trip, last march. i am going sans the husband this time, a girls long weekend. that is right i am even leaving sam. i am already starting to miss him a bit. we have always been quite attached, but since its just been him and me all day at the house, we are inseparable. he is at my feet at this moment. (side note: this is not to minimize how much i will miss my husband because i most certainly will. but we have learned that spending a weekend away just makes us appreciate the time together even more.)

here i am with my most favorite great pyrenees and the source of why i want one so badly. here i am with bleeper last march. see, she loves me too.

just had to post another picture to show her pure beauty and size.

i will also be seeing visiting several horses, last count there were 3. this rascal greeted me on my first morning in tennessee practically in the kitchen.

and my sweet aunt anne. she is a woman that has the most kind and generous heart, she will go to battle to protect those she loves, and has so much wisdom and strength. i can’t wait to see her and the rest of the family next weekend!