food for skinny people

yesterday i posted deep dark feelings and reflections. today i am posting about food.  not just any food.  food for skinny people.  seriously, this must be what people eat to stay skinny.  how do i know this?  because i have never eaten it before.
individually grilled sweet potatoes.
individually grilled eggplant.  i never liked eggplant before i had it grilled.  it tasted like fried squash, without the fried.
grilled corn on the cob.
grilled shrimp.
it was a bit more work than i thought. and since our dishwasher is not working, i have a huge pile of dishes, etc. to hand wash today.  but it was super good.  super healthy.  practically no calories.
now, off to tackle the dishes.
one more thing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!! i hope you have a super wonderful birthday! i miss you terribly :)
The Robinsons
The Robinsons

You are too stinkin' cute. Thank you for my birthday wish, it made me laugh out loud to scroll down wondering how many calories my birthday cupcake had in relation to your yummy grilled supper and see that picture of us. Miss you too!!!!