on tap for today

1. make breakfast update: got distracted and missed breakfast, lets make it lunch

2. water all the different gardens we have growing around this place update: check

3. feed + water the pup update: check

4. tidy house + a load of laundry update: started laundry check another update: finished/folded/steamed/put up laundry

5. go on a walk with the pup update: walked up the hill, saw a copperhead, headed home. does that count? the walk home was very quick. i am now only going to travel with a shovel.

6. trim paint the craft room

7. continue to work on vacation plans update: half check

8. bathe and get dressed clarification: i am dressed, i just like to wear something a bit more cute when the husband comes home


make dinner (cause it takes me that long to do 1-8).

why is it so hard for me to get stuff done?!