our july 4th

our july 4th was spent together. these are my favorite moments. i so look forward to the weekends when we have 2 full days together, doesn’t matter what we are doing it seems. this july 4th we didn’t have any plans, purposefully. it was blissful so wake up and say, “well, what is on tap for today?”

we decided to go swimming on saturday to one of the public pools down the road. we took the chance that everyone else had made plans wouldn’t be swimming and we were right, for the most part. it was wonderful splashing and racing and just all around feeling free! i do love swimming so very much.

the husband refused to go down the slide. and i don’t do slides. see here if you don’t remember why!

we also spent the weekend getting some work done on my craft room furniture and a foyer cabinet that i recently acquired via craigslist. it was an old lab cabinet and we spent much of sunday morning sanding away years and years of chemicals and “gunk.” it will look great despite my not so favorable description. pictures to follow …