painting with neutrals

most people that know me know that i love color. bold. bright. color. people have even gone so far as to describe me as “colorful.” i think that is because i have purple and turquoise shoes. maybe not. so when we moved into our home i was super excited to get to painting. first the red room. then the green and black. i quickly realized i needed some warm neutrals in between.

our foyer and upstairs hallway are a neutral. a horrible pink base neutral.

i set my sights there first. a lot of the foyer i won’t be able to paint myself. but some i can. here is one wall that i started with. i wanted to see if i would like “wicker” at different times of the days. i think i will. “wicker” is a go.

can you tell the difference?

of course i had my helper around. here he is wondering if “wicker” is the color for us. what do you think?