peeling celery

i am back from my trip to tennessee.  i do love it there.  absolutely love it.  it was such an amazing time to relax and spend time with family and animals that i love.  i will let the pictures do most of the talking as i have a lot to do to get settled back home.
peeling celery title you ask? our first night grandma edna was making a family casserole and we all had a job.  she handed me a peeler and celery.  i was puzzled.  i know my way around the kitchen but i had no idea what to do with the two things in my hands.  after a few moments of trying to recall if martha stewart had ever mentioned peeling celery, i decided to just ask.  grandma edna replied that if you want to cook with celery you should peel the “strings.”  she went on that it is the details that make home cooking special.  i am pretty sure i didn’t notice a difference when eating, but from now on i will peel my celery and think of her and smile.
my girl bleeper (not really MY girl, but i do love her and pretend she is mine all mine).
the guineas roosting for the night on the roof.
grandma maury and aunt anne observing the guineas jumping from the roof to the lamp post.  there is no need for television or internet in these parts … plenty of entertainment.
feeding the catfish in the pond.
rue trying to catch the catfish during their feeding.
the beautiful horses.  
seriously, i love this dog.
baby guineas. the husband is tremendously lucky that a couple of these cuties didn’t end up in my suitcase.
sisters with sundown.  yes, a blind horse.  
rhea acres patrol.