progress made

yesterday was a flurry of activity despite my decline in energy due to what i now know is sickness. thats right, i am officially sick. fever, some grossness that i won’t reveal, chills, body aches, yep in bed i am and going to stay.

i wanted to share my progress from yesterday. the cabinet is coming together and i couldn’t be happier with it. i have some decor in my creative little head that will have to wait until i can get my sewing machine out of the garage. oh that will be a happy day.

this is after lots of cutting and sanding. lots of sanding.

after one coat of primer, one coat of paint, waiting for second coat of paint. my assembly line of sorts.

finished with the painting. can’t wait to add the new drawer handles.

this is an old mirror that will be used. i wanted to incorporate the white from the table so i hand painted the detail with the white paint. i think it turned out nice. it makes the details pop more than before. it isn’t what i had in my mind so we will see if it turns out in the end.

back to drinking fluids and rest. bachelorette finale from last night will be watched. can’t wait.