refinishing the old

i found an old chemistry lab cabinet for sale on craigslist. oh how nothing makes my husband cringe like the phone call from me saying i found something on craigslist. but he likes me happy. he especially likes to make me happy so he bought this old, smelly cabinet for me. i saw potential. he was unsure but again he likes me happy.

we have sanded all the years of chemical spills off and it is ready for paint, new handles and lots of love. the cabinet is going to be front and center in our foyer. it is going to be beautiful! i bought new handles that i love so very much. so that is what i am up to today, priming and painting. 

and just for fun, how many times can you paint a $25 table from craigslist. we bought it and it was white. i decided i wanted it to be red. now i want to use it in a different room and it needs to be white again. i know, i drive myself crazy sometimes too.