a garden dinner and a “pop”

my dad asked me the other day about our garden and i realized i have neglected to take any pictures of progress. this season the husband and i are labeling “our learning season.” we seriously have learned so much and i am already looking forward to next summer. silly, but true.

alas, our 2009 garden. (click on the image for a larger one to see whats growing)

we (okay, mostly all the work is done by husband but i do give lots of compliments) are putting up a cute wooden fence around our garden. husband laughed and asked how many days it would be before i wanted to paint it white. the answer, 2.

we have had more success this late season. one of the things we learned is that nutrients are friends and should be used plentifully. since this lesson we have been able to enjoy appropriate sized vegetables. last night i made from our garden fried (gluten free version) squash and okra, fresh sliced cucumbers and mashed potatoes. the mashed potatoes were from the grocery store.

i am not a huge okra fan (the husband is) but i have to say they were pretty tasty. i was pleasantly pleased and am looking forward to more.

switching gears, now to the “pop.” why is life so frustrating sometimes? seriously. i am finally treating my body the way i should have from the start. i am eating well and exercising on a daily basis. i am motivated. i have new sneakers and cute matching socks. i have a great sports bra even if it is a battle to get into it. my dear husband spoiled me and bought me a cute pink ipod and ear phones that fit my ears.

well, the other day on the elliptical i was doing my thing when i went to stop my knee popped. oh yes. i heard a pop. everyone i have talked to thinks i hyper-extended my knee. i think it was not severe but boy it hurt. so i am resting. my cute pink ipod is resting on the counter instead of jamming out to coldplay. my sneakers are on the floor next to door ready to go again. it is sad when i realize that all i want to do is go for a jog/walk and i can’t. for the last 10 years i haven’t wanted to go for anything exercise related. now i am taking an ice bath.

the plan is to rest again today and tomorrow hit the gym with mags. working on arms and taking it easy on the knee. wish me luck.