a table top, bookshelf, and new find

i finished working on the metal top of my hoosier cabinet yesterday. (thanks for the tip mom) the enamel spray paint worked great.

i also finished painting a bookshelf. this bookshelf has had many lives. it was given to us for free by people i used to nanny for. it is a cheap material, nothing real about it. but i refuse to give away or throw it out. it still has function and it was free. i wanted it to have an upgraded look though. so i asked the husband if he could put molding on the top and like the good husband he is, he kindly did so. i feel like the bookshelf had a face lift or something.

now to my new find. i wanted a real wood, feminine table for the center of the room. it needed to have good work space for all my various creations but small enough to walk around and not cram up the room. my budget was $50. to craigslist i went. on my first day of searching i found the perfect table. a trestle style, already white, perfect size, feminine table … all for $40. it needs a little bit of work, nothing that a bit of paint won’t fix. i absolutely love it.

the funny story about the trestle style table is when the husband and i were looking for dining room table styles that we liked, i loved the trestle style and he didn’t. at all. so no trestle table for me. or so i thought. now i have my own little trestle table. both parties are happy.

i would also like to thank erin for the amazing decorating ideas for my foyer table. i am off to find old coffee table books that will be perfect for that spot. thank you so much! i really do love having creative friends and she is absolutely hilarious too, double bonus for me.