attacked by a spray painter

this weekend was exhausting. period. nothing more to say. on saturday we helped my aunt-in-law move from virginia beach to greenville. it was a super long day but totally worth it because we are so proud of her. she just got accepted to (pa) physician assistant school. go leslie go!

on sunday we decided to make the final push for my craft room. the husband did most of the work and i say a huge thank you! seriously, it was hot. it was messy. and he doesn’t really care for crafts. but his motivation came from getting all my crafty stuff out of his man garage!

this is what we started with.

milo trying to stay cool. it was so hot!

all the pieces lined up for painting.

i am pretty sure more paint ended up on us than on the furniture. it was so messy!

i can’t wait to post the finished product. a couple more hand painting pieces today. moving in the furniture tonight. tomorrow should be move in day, move in for all my fabrics and various crafting supplies. oh i can’t wait!