coldplay concert

seriously the best concert i have been to. i have only been to four. but this was the best. the band poured everything onto the stage. there is something to be said for singing out loud with the band that you love so.

the night started with me leaving our home and finding this little guy or gal. not sure. how do you tell the sex of a turtle? i looked. i couldn’t tell. the baby turtle was in the middle of the road. i stopped took a couple pictures and then moved it to the safety of the grass on the side of the road. of course, this made me late. oops.

the concert was in raleigh so this was the perfect opportunity to go to our old favorite mexican restaurant. double yum. i had a mango margarita. emphasis on the tequila and not so much on the mango.

we went with great friends, new and old.

lawn seats are fun. especially when the grass is wet.

the song yellow. oh. my. how i love this song. yellow lights. yellow beach balls thrown into the crowd. so great.

the night ended with a free cd. coldplay rocks. they may be my new favorite band. yes. they were that good.

Susan and Melissa
Susan and Melissa

I believe you tell the sex of a turtle by looking at its belly. If it's concave it's a girl. Or a boy. Well, it's definitely one or the other. And you were in Raleigh and didn't stop by?? For shame!!