foyer project complete

getting sick really does force all your well intentioned plans to go to the waste side. my goal was to have the foyer finished AND my craft room completed by this weekend. ha! with help from the husband, we were able to complete the foyer cabinet. i am super excited about how it turned out. i don’t really know how i want to decorate it. please send advice all you creative people. (this is a specific shout out request to erin morin!)

i think the white that i painted around the mirror does tie it together with the cabinet. in this picture you can really tell the difference in the wall colors. pink base vs. yelllow base. excuse sam’s tail. he doesn’t understand that not all pictures are of him.

we got this brown runner yesterday. eventually the dining room will be a baby/sky/grey blue. my craft room is very green. in the runner there is both blue and green without it being too crazy.

now to my craft room. painting my furniture white. the husband thinks i have a problem because i want to paint everything white. i reply, i wanted no walls to be white so i have to have some sort of order.

i can’t wait to finish this piece. i have had for a couple of years and i just love it. as much as you can love an old piece of furniture that gives splinters and probably tetanus if you aren’t careful. the husband keeps asking if he can fix it up but i love how rough it is. we got old glass knob hardware and i just can’t wait to see the finished piece.

off to start my next project.

Jeremy & Erin Morin
Jeremy & Erin Morin

Suggestions:-Hang the mirror so you have space on top to work with.- Get a stack of about five books (largest on bottom). Coffee table books are best and make sure they are neutral in color.-Place the stack of books on one side of the cabinet and on the other get a medium sized neutral lamp (glass base, brown or gold shade; that kind of thing) and place that on the other side.-Get your pop of color by getting an accessory (vase, piece of coral, candle) and putting it on top of the books. -Then, put a small bud vase with flowers next to the lamp.Hehe, I love decorating and I love when someone asks my opinion!!! Your house is gorgeous and you've done such a great job!