happy anniversary

dear husband,
i have posted my love for you so many ways. see here and here and here. oh and here, especially here, last years anniversary here. the thing is i can still find ways to share how amazing my husband is, how much i absolutely adore him and our relationship. husband you are the most hilarious, intelligent, handsome, witty, honest, kind-hearted and loyal person i know. plus you are an amazing kisser which is just the cherry on the top for me. thank you for putting up with me. thank you for loving me unconditionally. thank you for being you.

i thought i would do some math. well not so much me doing it but a computer program. details. anyway … since our wedding on saturday, august 5th, 2006 …

I’ve been loving being your wife for 3 years, 36 months, 1,096 days, 26,314 hours, 1,578,856 minutes, 94,731,367 seconds, and my heart has beaten more than 110,519,920 times. happily.

since our life together started long before we married i thought i would continue. we met on wednesday, may 9th, 2001. and for the last 8 years, 99 months, 3,010 days, 72,250 hours, 4,335,032 minutes, 260,101,973 seconds, more than 303,452,240 heart beats,

my world has been a better place.