i can see a light

at the end of my craft room tunnel. i am almost gitty with happiness and excitement. the bottom half of my hoosier cabinet is finished with the new glass hardware. i couldn’t be more pleased. i just catch myself staring. weird, i know. my desk is painted back to white. remember it was originally white. i painted it red. didn’t like it. wanted it back to white.

hardware that i love.

here are some updated pictures. i am guessing this is what it is like when you have kids and are trying to get a family shot. only my two were being extra funny this morning.

first, sam couldn’t have me take a picture with milo and not him so enter sam.

then sam decided to go through a series of cleaning himself, lots of licking, and yawning.

once sam finishes i think now is the time. nope, milo got tired of all of sam’s cleaning so he yawned.

and just because i haven’t posted a picture recently of my deer population here ya go. this is the threesome of mother, daughter and son. the does. margot, john, and jane. i couldn’t believe how big john’s antlers are getting.

we also have a beautifully terrifying writing spider outside our sunroom window. i have named her charlotte. not original at all but i thought if i named her from the character from charlotte’s web i wouldn’t be so scared. the husband will have to take a picture because my camera isn’t cutting it.