i have officially swiped

yep it is official. i have swiped a gym membership card. day 1. i am not sure how i feel about being a gym member. i have obviously not spent a lot of my days in a gym, especially since high school. obviously. but there are perks. lots of perks. my trainer mags works at this gym so i am going to run into her a lot. as she says, “even though we aren’t training doesn’t mean i can’t yell at you!” well said magster. well said. there is more equipment. aerobic classes. there are definitely down sides but i am trying to push them out of my mind. staying positive. perks.

so that is where i was today. at the gym. oh that sounds so weird. i am sure i will get used to it. this is a good thing. i do have one question that i realize is an oxymoron but i have to ask. where are the fatties at the gym? seriously, no fat people. not even chubby. obviously i didn’t expect the majority to be fatties. that would be silly. but maybe one other person. just one is all i ask. if i was millionaire i would hire a rotund person to shadow me. to make me feel like i am not the killer whale in the kiddy pool. i know that sounds horrible. you can judge. it is true.

and because i am me and this is just what happens in my life. the lady in front of me on the bike was pregnant. and glowing. i want to glow. then after i convince myself this is motivation and trying not to cry another woman comes in and announces she is 8 weeks pregnant. really?! mags just gave me a hug. really. what can you do? i kept pedaling and put a smile on my face.

one day i will glow.