its a hard life for sam

i wanted to capture this moment and share. that is what this blog is for right? to document moments i don’t want to forget. a living scrapbook if you will.

this friday evening, i am priming my trestle table in my craft room. the husband is outside mowing. it occurred to me that my bestest companion was not with me. i assumed he was outside. i kept on priming. once finished i go to clean the paint brush and out of the corner of my eye see my dear sweet boy, sam.

we have started leaving him in the sunroom when we aren’t home. i have started to notice the past couple of days that the couch was unusually covered in hair. i think i now know that this is his new place of comfort.

off to find a quilt to throw over the couch for our boy. what is that you say? train sam not to be on the furniture? oh that would cramp his style.