oh, this dog of mine

he started off as the cutest fur ball. loving attention. loving to cuddle. i couldn’t possibly love this dog any more than i do. i love his expression, his earnestness, his sweet brown eyes, his gentleness and sincerity.

i love how he follows me everywhere i go, and stares at me everywhere i sit. i love how he literally races upstairs and jumps onto the bed whenever he thinks we just might be headed toward the end of the day. he definitely takes after me … loving the beginning of the day and the end of the day the most. i love how even when the husband is home and goes downstairs before i do, sam promptly jumps onto the bed in the husband’s spot to cuddle with me. he never goes downstairs without me. this is how i found dear sam this morning. (thanks to the husband for getting the pictures)

i love his soft, soft cheeks and his worried eyebrows. i love his giant, velvety ears and his leathery nose. i love his bony forehead. i love his sweet, expressive brown eyes.

he’s alternately silly and sweet, playful and pensive. he makes me laugh every single day. one minute racing around like his paws are on fire, the next flopping on the bed like a big old sack of potatoes.

i am so lucky to have him living with us. he brings so much love and laughter into our home. and yes, i worry about many things in this life — but dog hair in the bed has never been one of them. couldn’t care less. never will.