our weekend and plans for this monday

our weekend was absolutely wonderful. we were both more active than we have ever been. we got so much accomplished and still spent plenty of quality time together. ahh bliss. on sunday my fitness homework was to find a track and run/walk a 5k, 3.2 miles. mags wanted to know what my baseline was so she can start me on a training schedule. so we did. we found a soccer field and with the husbands gps we knew exactly how many miles we were going. it may have turned into a run/walk/jog/walk/crawl but in the end i finished and that is all that really matters. completion.

on the way to the grocery store we stopped by a community near our home that features belted galloway cows. if you aren’t familiar, they look like oreo cookies, they have a white stripe down their middle. i never knew they had goats too!! if you are an avid reader you know of my fascination/love for goats.

seriously, these guys were absolutely a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! here is my disclaimer to my love statements for goats, i know nothing about them. nadda thing. not one. but i do love them. so there.

thank you all for you wonderful comments to my craft room. the husband has brought in all of the goods and this morning this is what my dining room, foyer, craft room look like. this monday i will be plowing through all the boxes. the husband said, “i think you have a problem” in reference to my fabric collection. at the moment i didn’t have a response because i was in shock of the accusation. here is my response, dear husband, my granny handed down to me 90% of the fabric i currently own. i do love fabric but never spend very much on it. i like to make things with my hands, using fabric. this dear, is not a problem. :)

so the question today is, can one have too much fabric?