training, oh man

i am back to training with maggie (mags for short, mostly because that is all i can say when i am so out of breath). we took a week off for her to have a vacation. yes i protested. i did stuff on my own, just so i would have something to tell her when she returned. but seriously. i don’t know what happens during our hour session, but i can’t replicate on my own.

i have been so sore this week. haven’t been able to move hardly. i really was thinking about sleeping downstairs one night my legs hurt so bad. this morning we had a 9am session. she admittedly took it easy on me. we did upper body and stayed away from my legs, other than good stretching. during the session she mentioned that she was working out for herself at 12 and asked if i wanted to workout with her. and i quote. “for fun.” now i do enjoy mags, but working out for fun. that might as well be blasphemy talk. and here is the best part (for hilarity purposes) i agreed! and i was serious.

during my hour break between workout times i registered for my first 5k that mags and i will be running/walking/completing in september. seriously. a 5k. and i am not cheering someone on. hopefully someone will be cheering me on though. hint hint friends.

so at 12 i met her at the gym and we rode bikes. i went 12 miles in an hour. i was so proud.

what have i learned on this saturday at 2pm in the afternoon. i can ride a bike and go 12 miles. i have the courage to sign up for a 5k race.
i am really proud of myself.

pretty good lessons i think. now to shower and enjoy some quality time with the husband.