well, if i am not going to use it, he will

i was cleaning out and organizing a closet in our sunroom. i haven’t yet organized it and it quickly became the “just throw it in there” space. today was the day. (yes husband i am getting plenty of rest for my knee)

this is what sam decided to do while i was cleaning. everyone could use some core muscle work i guess. we had a blast playing. now he is sleeping on the couch (that i just vacuumed) and i am blogging and baking bread.

“picnik” is the program i am using to write and play around with my photographs. i do love it and i may becoming obsessed. it is fun.


Thanks for telling me about picnik.com. I just used it to edit my fall header for my blog. LOVE the font choices! Thanks for passing it along. Also, your garden is beautiful!