a new red door

i have always wanted a white house with a bright red door. this past march we were lucky to have found a great house in the woods that just happened to be white. all the doors were black. the front door has brass in the glass. anyone that knows me knows i despise brass. the back door to the screen porch (not to be painted red) and the back door that we always use were in really bad shape. we assumed we would be replacing all once the funds allowed it. but we were inspired to see what we could do with what we had. we started with the back door we use all the time.

here is what we started with.

because it gets direct sun most of the day the glue and gunk from the window had oozed down the door and into the glass pane. there was a bummer sticker of sorts that no longer applied to the current owners, us, so that also needed to go. armed with primer, red paint, goo gone, and a razor blade we went to town.

after two coats of primer, the door was already looking 100 times better and we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

and tada … a very red door for my white house. goes pretty well with my handsome dog if i do say so myself! (note, the blue stairs will ultimately be replaced with a wood stained landing. to compliment the red door of course.)

i loved reading all your comments, ms. kariher (my 8th grade language arts teacher) absolutely made us both crack up laughing. i had read it several times laughing. so fun!! if you haven’t entered please click here to enter into my napkin give away.


I told my mom about your beautiful red door and guess what-----she wants her doors red.You do inspire.

Kathy Kariher
Kathy Kariher

kelsi,this is your former 8th grade social studies teacher and i would like to assign my napkin vote to ms. kariher ...and no, she is not standing to my left as i write. if ms. kariher does not win, perhaps i should, as those napkins would make great autumn camouflage parachutes for my g.i. joe collection.i love the red door.jim crissman