a thank you, a tutorial, and a big announcement

a huge thank you to my tremendously talented husband that has been working the last couple of evening on giving my blog a new do. i am such a lucky gal.

now to a tutorial. cloth napkins! last week i started back to sewing. it was so great! first on my list of things i want to make is a set of cloth napkins that my granny requested. i decided to make a tutorial out of my venture. so here it goes … some of the tools necessary.

first pre-wash the fabric. i used to skip this step but then i learned the hard way that yes you should always wash your fabric before sewing. then cut your fabric into a square 1″ larger than the desired finished size. i cut 17 inch squares so that i would have 16 inch napkins.

i like the look of squared corner napkins versus the mitered look. so that is what i made. simple enough. to start iron your edge 1/4 inch. moving in clockwise direction iron next side 1/4 inch until all four sides have been pressed 1/4 inch.

now fold over edges another 1/4 inch (moving in the same clockwise direction). i pinned the corner to help hold the folded edge.

when all four sides have been folded over twice, sew all the way around the edge of the napkin. i think most people sew straight off the edge on each side, but i like the look of the rounded edge. it is simple enough to do using the sewing machine. once you get to the corner, with the needle down through the fabric lift the foot and turn the fabric and continue sewing.

finished! these would make great hostess or housewarming gifts. they don’t take much time, skill, or money. three key ingredients for success in my book.

please let me know if you thought this was helpful and i would LOVE to see if you make a set of your own or to give away! i love receiving feedback.

now for an announcement!

tomorrow i will be having my very first giveaway. thats right. come this way tomorrow for an exciting giveaway. completely free for you and fun for me. just a little something to say thank you for my readers.

to make it fun i thought i would let you guys have a guess what the giveaway is. below are the clues. if you guess anything in the comment form below, before my post tomorrow you will be entered in the giveaway twice! if you guess CORRECTLY you will be entered THREE times!

here are the clues …
- it is handmade
- the husband picked out the fabric
- it is perfect for this time of year

any guesses?!

see you guys tomorrow.


You are so creative and talented!My guess is NCSU napkins, suitable for gametime foods, as well as waving in the air when they SCORE!

Kathy Kariher
Kathy Kariher

Hmmmm.........a red grilling apron. I know I'm right OR an NCSU football pillow. Keeping my fingers crossed.


i am going with napkins

The Robinsons
The Robinsons

A picnic blanket for sitting under the beautiful fall trees?!?