a very happy weekend

we hosted a housewarming party for my mother’s side of the family. they are a riot. an absolutely hilarious riot. we received many thoughtful and wonderful gifts. a red roasting pan, a milk glass set from my granny, a wonderful milk glass bowl, a beautiful necklace for my graduation gift, a pottery bird feeder (i do love anything made of pottery), and cash (always a crowd favorite). i will post a picture of my milk glass collection later this week. oh how i love it!

the best part of the evening was surprising my aunt with an early birthday party in her honor. the look on her face when the whole group of us started singing and presented her with her strawberry cake was just priceless. i loved having kids running around the house. it was the first time we have had kids over and i have to say the craft room was an absolute hit. i have yet to wipe off the walls. the little chalk hand prints just make me smile.

enough words. here are the pictures that captured our weekend.

a new dining room table that is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

homemade strawberry cake for my aunt’s birthday surprise. the secret: there are fresh strawberries between the layers of cake. super yum!

lots of yummy food. see trainer maggie, lots of veggies!

after the surprise. sister love. my mom and aunt. quite the pair.

my montage of open mouth laughter.

my little cousin james. playing with a race track. pure bliss.

austen and aubrey. austen playing cards. aubrey twirling around. the craft room was a hit!

my heart just loves every bit of this.

thank you all for driving all the way for a wonderful night. i do love my family!


Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love kid art too. :)