eating outside and the start of something special

why is it that the food we eat always tastes better when eaten outside? whether it be tailgating, a picnic, or grilling it always is just darn right good. i have really been trying to make “double duty” meals lately. a couple of weeks ago it was chili topped potatoes (my attempt at a mccalister’s spud) and then leftover chili was used for chili nachos. lately my husbands favorite is roast beef. so i made a roast last night (oh martha stewart you did it again with your delicious recipe and technique tips) and tonight i will make homemade bread and we will eat leftover roast beef sandwiches. that was a really long ramble. sorry. back to my original thought … there was nothing spectacular about my dinner last night, except we ate outside. oh my. with candles lit, amazingly beautiful weather, the stars above and my george winston pandora station playing it was pure bliss.

everyone should have moments like that. nothing spectacular, nothing extravagant but so relaxing and peaceful. simple conversations about our days never was so interesting.

and to the start of something special. tonight is the season opener for the ncsu wolfpack football team and i am stoked. i love football season. i love this time of year. so a huge GO PACK!

i am off to make some red and white napkins for my granny. seems appropriate. do you have on your red today? this will be knee resting at its finest.

oh, what do you think of the new layout and header? please be honest with your feedback.