i did it!

i can officially check off “complete a 5k” on my bucket list. this was a bit more healthier of a goal than the mile high banana split i shared with my husband a few weeks back but none the less completely satisfying. it was an amazing day, shared with my amazingly supportive husband and trainer and cheered on by wonderful friends.

i am not stopping. i recently have felt the competitive rush that i thought i had forgotten long ago. the adrenaline pumping. the need to push yourself. what a complete rush! i have decided to join a beginning running group in the area that comprises of two days a week meetings/running sessions and a completion 5k race in december. depending on how i am doing (i.e. my knee) i have aspirations to running in the trail 7k run in january. the air is getting cooler and i am excited to be outside more … continuing to push myself.

here are some pictures that can say more than i ever could with words.

me before the race with a few less chins than i have had in the past.


here is my friend anji. she competes in triathlons. she ran this 5k in 24:38 with a hernia. seriously. she is amazing! she is also hilarious. click here for her blog where she featured me! deserving a huge thank you is her family for all their support and encouragement on saturday. it meant so much to me.

i can see the finish line!

my trainer maggie. she made a “team kelsi” shirt for the event. and it was with gold glitter. that is love.

so very happy and proud of myself.

my husband and i. we are still on a race day high.

Michael & Sarah
Michael & Sarah

Good for you!! :) I'm doing the Women's Only 5K in GSO this upcoming weekend, but doing more walk than run since Sydney's coming with me. We missed you this weekend, but glad you did well and want to do MORE! :)

Susan and Melissa
Susan and Melissa

Woo hooo!! Congrats, girl. You are working so hard and looking so trim! Can't wait to see you Friday for apples.