i hate weeds, yep i do

i really don’t want to be intimidated by the outdoors. i love being outside when i feel safe but this whole nature thing is going to take some adjusting to. this weekend we set out to work on the yard. i normally despise these days. but i don’t want to. i equipped myself with sturdy garden gloves and i already felt safer. as the husband continued work on the garden fence i set to the flower beds. i.e. the weed beds.

i went to town and actually really enjoyed myself. except for the black and red furry caterpillars and the salamanders that jumped out and scared me. they just seem so much bigger when they are in the dirt right next to your hands.

here are the before pictures of our driveway flower bed …

the iris bulbs were beautiful when we first moved in but we didn’t know what you are suppose to do after the bloom. now we know.

see the finished garden fence!! i love it and think it is so cute!

then i moved to the flower bed in front of our house. the flowers are waiting for the weeds to be pulled so they can be planted.

after …

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