marking off a bucket list item

a couple of weeks ago a student that i worked with during my internship passed away. i haven’t been able to post anything because it was difficult. this was a huge shock to me and the rest of the staff and faculty because we didn’t know she had become sick during the summer break. when events like this happen we naturally reflect on our own lives and appreciate a little bit more what we have and more importantly the people in them. i hug my husband a few more times each day. i stop and watch the deer. i pull over and take pictures of baby turtles on the road, even if it means i will be late.

this may be a jump for some but stay with me. i started thinking about my “bucket list.” you know, the list of things you want to accomplish before you “kick the bucket.” one of the items that couldn’t get out of my head was a banana split from s & t’s soda shoppe in downtown pittsboro. i honestly don’t think i have ever had a banana split, maybe that is why it was so appealing.

the soda shoppe is such an adorable restaurant and we have been several times before. we have seen the infamous banana split and always said, oh wow, we will have to wait for a special day to get that. after that week i kept thinking, i don’t want to die never experiencing a s & t’s banana split. it is silly to put off something like that. splurge. enjoy.

so last night was the night. the husband and i headed off. (i didn’t eat anything all day other than 2 bananas because i wanted to save up calories) we decided we should eat something so we each got a corndog and we split curly fries. it was so fun. honestly. horrible for us, yes. but fun, 100 times yes.

then it came. carrying it with both hands our waitress brought us the most disgustingly delicious banana split you could imagine. (disclaimer: i forgot my camera and this is a great imitation photo i found online. ours was larger because it had whipped cream piled so high we could barely see each other.)

behold …

we didn’t finish it. we did give a valiant effort. i don’t want to ever eat ice cream again.