preparing for a family dinner party

i love hosting parties. i love absolutely love, love gathering people i love together. usually around wonderful food. sharing stories that have been told over and over again and yet still evoke laughter. i love my family. i love that they are all making the trip to our new home for the first time this weekend. yep, there is a lot of love going around. after the last couple of weeks i am trying to soak it all up. every. last. bit.

i have been working on our dining room today. it made me happy and i wanted to share. i have some exciting before and after pictures for tomorrow … stay tuned!

these are probably weeds but they were so pretty they ended up in my kitchen. yes, i went into the woods to get them myself. well, me and sam. i don’t go anywhere with at least one of my boys!

see husband, i found a perfect use for a milk jug that i just couldn’t part with.


What some people call weeds are really 'naturalized flowers'. Have a wonderful time with your family. (You can use my napkins if need be.)