sewing outside

i am blessed. for more reasons than i can even fathom. one reason i can fathom is having this glorious screened porch. on this screened porch i can do whatever i want. have friends over. have quiet evenings with my husband. read a book and wonder where the day went. today i added sewing outside to this ever growing list of things to do on the screened porch.

pure bliss is what it was. i moved a table and a chair. today i will probably move the extension cord and my sewing machine. this cooler weather is just amazing. i can’t get enough. of course, sam doesn’t understand why i would rather embroider than throw his wet and muddy ball around. (trust me, i did. i can’t resist those eyes.)

i am embroidering a birthday gift for a special little girl that just loved writing on my chalkboard wall.

i have made my christmas list. i have an idea of what my next giveaway will be. hint hint: it has something to do with these pictures. with less than 3 months and i need to start sewing pronto!

i am pretty sure if you want to find me today just hollar. i will be outside.


Kelsi, Two things...1. I love your cute house and all your cute projects and am very jealous! 2. I missed you at the reunion! I thought for sure you'd be there...Keep blogging - I love reading it. :)