visitors admiring our garden fence

i was cleaning yesterday in the sun room and it felt a bit like a zoo here in these parts. first, i was putting sam’s toys in his basket when a tiny lizard appeared. this normally wouldn’t be such an event but both milo (our cat) and sam were in the room with me. this most definitely meant an ugly demise for the lizard. i quickly grabbed milo and pushed him and sam out of the room. i chased the damn thing for almost an hour and a half. the minute i would get frustrated and want to give up it would stick its little head out from under the couch and i decided i couldn’t just let it die. i am such a softy. it is sad really. maybe even more sad is that its name is larry. yes, i was rationalizing with larry that he really wanted me to catch him in my glass. this long tale came to a happy ending with larry agreeing the glass was the way to go and he is now living in our garden, eating bugs.

later in the afternoon i saw these ladies eating bird seed that fell from the bird feeder. (yes, i have stopped feeding them, seriously, i have) a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

life out here is pretty wonderful. i am most definitely enjoying our simple happy life.