words are not good enough

this has been such a difficult several weeks for me but i can’t put into words how difficult is must be for my dear friends that have lost their lives or lost their loved ones. the most recent is a high school friend, karen taylor. her wedding day was saturday and it turned into a memorial service for her soon to be husband. he was killed earlier saturday morning.

to read more of her story click here.

it is amazing the strength our faith gives us when we are faced with such a sense of loss. i know that their hearts are aching and the loss feels overwhelming but i know that in faith they will find peace and strength.

my lessons from this, another death to comprehend in the past couple of months. first, to always wear your seatbelt, in the front or in the back seat. second, no matter how cliche, tell the ones you love what they mean to you. you never know if it will be the last time you have the chance.

this blog is to represent our life, the happy and the sad. it is real. i will be back to post more frivolousness later but i just wanted to put out into the world a prayer request. for karen, for all the family and friends that knew and cared for her and chris, for emily’s family and friends (my friend who lost her battle with breast cancer last week), and for alicia’s family and friends (a former student that lost her life in august).