a happy halloween eve

slowly i am recovering from this illness that has knocked me off my feet for over a week now. not 100% but i have definitely taken a turn in the right direction. thank you all for your well wishes!

yesterday i started to get into the halloween spirit. i worked on a prince costume for my brother-in-law. after my additions of lace at the sleeves and shoulder pads i think he was quite pleased.

i can’t wait to see the complete outfit!

next i wanted to bake a cake for my husband and his work folks. chocolate cake and vanilla icing is what i had on hand so this spider template cake is what i came up with.

it isn’t as perfect as i would have liked but i rolled with it and the feedback from the guys has been so very nice. apparently taste is what impresses those guys, not whether or not i got a little too sprinkle happy.


Oh how your husband and I would go after the chocolate cake with vanilla icing in the college cafeteria. If my memory serves right we would grab it quickly and quietly if there was just one piece or go find each other and give the alert if there was only two pieces. Competitors first, friends second. This looks soo soo much yummier than what we were eating.