almost apple picking

well i tried to go apple picking on friday. here are the apple trees at the apple orchard that we found …

that is right. they were “all picked out.” a quote said by the owner of the empty apple orchard that for some reason i found absolutely hilarious.

i still bought apples. i have big plans for these apples and i couldn’t leave empty handed. melissa and susan held a photo shoot with theo. seriously. could he be any cuter? they documented in more detail the day so go over and read it here. good times people. good times.

we decided to head to downtown pittsboro and i would show them around. we visited the soda shoppe for lunch and then the mostly handmade wooden toy store. theo l.o.v.e.d. the piano. melissa l.o.v.e.d. dressing him up.

at the end of the day we did indeed make cider from the apples thrown at us. i had a wonderful time visiting with my dear friends. it didn’t really matter that i didn’t get to climb a tree.