etsy shop up and running

drum roll …

i officially have an etsy shop! i am thrilled and excited to join this community of people who love to buy and sell any and everything handmade. i am just doing custom orders right now until i have made enough items to actually put up to sell. this may actually be better because i can do personalized order. this will be a try and go method.

to get to my store you can click here but write down or save this link …

here is my first item! this pillow is actually a birthday present for my cousin aubrey. but i had a blast making it and think it would be great for any little or big girl to have (hint, hint).

it has a hand embroidered monogram. the etsy listing is for one letter but i am more than happy to do a full monogram if you so desire.

the backing is linen and i made it so it would be easy to take the pillow in and out for washing, etc. i used a polka dotted binding because i do love everything polka dotted.

i am off to work on a couple more items to add to my shop. i am having an absolute blast and i sure do hope you guys like what you see. please send feedback!

The Robinsons
The Robinsons

SO cute!That might be a good item for Santa to purchase a cute little blond girl for Christmas this year :)