etsy shop update

we are still in recovery mode. this weekend i was hit by a nasty cold and between coughing and sanitizing everything i am touching i am completely exhausted. yesterday i had a spurt of energy and decided to cross another item off of my etsy “to-do” list.

i will be posting this item in the store today and like my other items, it can be completely personalized. i thought this would be a great way to help little kiddos learn letters, colors, how to spell their name, and tune up on those fine motor skills by taking the felt letters on an off with the buttons.

i think a larger pillow with the letter of the alphabet would be a great next item. i have a couple of orders to work on that will keep me pretty busy (seriously, thank you all so much for your support!) but maybe an alphabet pillow will pop into to the store.

i also finished up a couple of orders for felt tissue holders.

halloween inspired for a special 2 year old boy.

and i updated the backs. instead of button i am switching to velcro. i think it will be a better hold for those strollers, backpacks, etc.

here is the link to my shop … or you can just click here.


these are really cute, especially mine!!!!